Wood gasification boiler Pyro

Wood gasification boiler Pyro

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The operation of the Pyro wood boiler of Mavil sa is based it’s operation on the gasification of the wood. Pyro exploits a technology named reversed flame which leads to the pyrolysis combustion of the wood and succeeds high efficiency by burning the fumes that are produced from the gasification of the wood in the lower fire chamber of the boiler. In this way the burning procedure is far more completed than on a normal wood boiler and the residues are eliminated.

  • Unprecedented working autonomy

When the boiler is properly installed according to the needs of each building, a full load of woods can last up to 12 hours. The two loads per day give a very high autonomy of fuel that make the use of the boiler easy for the user.
Materials with high quality and resistance
The burning chamber of the boiler is manufactured by high resistance steel with thickness of 8mm that can guarantee long life duration. On the other hand, the temperature inside the boiler is sustained by the high efficiency insulation that helps the boiler to exploit perfectly all the energy of the fuel.

  • High thermal efficiency

The special type of fan that is used on the Pyro takes advantage of the different pressure in the air that the atmospheric, that is used for the burning procedure in the two chambers of the boiler. The gasification of the firewood is succeeded and the burning of the gases in the lower chamber leads to the elimination of residues and the perfect burning of the fuel.

  • Friendly and safe operation

The gasification wood boiler Pyro has an electronic panel board that controls all the functions of the boiler and monitors the proper and safe operation of it. The load of wood procedure is even easier with the automatic system of aspiration of smoke with the opening of the upper door. In addition, a safety heat exchanger intervenes in case of overheating to cool down the boiler and prevents any damage.