Wood boiler ECO


eco side eco front

The wood boiler ECO is special designed for the burning of biomass fuel like wood and coil. It works with the use of air ventilator that provides air inside the in demand by the control panel. By this way, when the boiler reaches the desired temperature it stops the provision of air and does fuel economy. The three doors help to the fuel refilling and to the ash removal and maintenance of the boiler.

  • 4-way fumes for greater performance
  • Designed with the use of high quality steel for resistance in the years and fuel saving
  • Ergonomically designed with tree doors for easy operation
  • Automatic operation with control from the thermostat inside the house
  • High efficiency up to 90%
  • Control panel with securities for absolutely safety
  • The use of air ventilator gives high efficiency and controls the temperature of water