Pellet – Wood boiler Primus

Ideal for any kind of biomass fuel
like wood, pellet, corn, almonds, olive core, nut shells ect

The Primus model of Mavil sa is designed for burning any biomass fuel. Due to the highest production standards it manage to succeed fuel saving and high efficiency.

  • Fully automatic operation

The high technology digital panel board takes control of the operation of the boiler, from the automatic ignition to the calculation of the proper pellet quantity. Primus has a 3-way pass system for the fumes that helps to succeed high efficiency and accelerates the heating of the water. In addition, the fan controls the quantity of the air inside the boiler which makes the boiler totally safe as it keeps a steady water temperature and saves fuel.

  • Remote control

The desired temperature inside the house can be controlled by a simple room thermostat that is placed inside the house. Furthermore, in pellet operation the thermostat can give the command for the automatic ignition of the boiler and makes it work almost like a usual oil/gas boiler.

  • Easy operation

The boiler has been designed in a friendly for the user way as its refueling is very simple and every part of it is easy accessible for cleaning and maintenance. Moreover, the big silo can give the necessary working autonomy to the boiler.

  • Operation

The boiler can be used with different types of fuels like pellet, wood, corn, wood chips, olive wood, cores, nut shells etc. In an existing heating system Primus can either replace an oil or gas boiler or it can be connected parallel to it.