Pellet boiler Pecal

With the automatic operation and the efficiency of more that >90% it succeeds fuel saving up to 60%

Pecal is the new boiler of Mavil sa for pellet boilers systems with pellet burner. The steel boiler that is special designed for pellet fuel combined with the technologically advanced pellet burner and the digital control panel it succeeds high efficiency degree of more that >90%. The digital control panel is responsible for the whole operation of the system, from the automatic ignition to the regulation of the desired power range. The system consists of the pellet boiler, the pellet burner, the digial control panel, the metallic silo and some maintenance tools.

  • Power ranges from 35kw to 50kw
  • Automatic ignition
  • Efficiency degree more than >90%
  • 3-way of fumes
  • Digital control panel
  • Temperature and fumes sensors
  • Easy cleaning and maintenance
  • Self cleaning operation
  • Large fuel autonomy