Pellet stoves

Air pellet stoves

Air pellet stoves The air pellet stoves of Mavil sa combine the high quality with the top performance. They are available at 8kw, 10kw, 12kw and 16kw and are the ideal solution for heating the house with pellet and enjoy the view of the fire. Each stove is supplied with electronic panel board along with remote control and has automatic adjustment of the desirable temperature and heating power. The air stoves of Mavil sa are offered in two colors, red and beige and are equipped with ceramic tops.

Pellet Fireplace

Pellet Fireplace The pellet fireplace of Mavil sa is suitable for the conversion of your existing fireplace into an energy-save pellet fireplace or for setting a whole new fireplace in your house. The pellet fireplace of Mavil sa has a modern design that fits with armory in every space and all its functions are easily controlled by a remote controller. The pellet fireplace of Mavil sa is available in two power ranges 13kw and 15kw that cover the heating needs of almost every home.

Hydro pellet stove

Hydro pellet stove The hydro pellet stoves of Mavil sa combine the heating advantages of a pellet stove with the advantages of a central heating. They can connect with the radiators or the in-floor heating system and also with the hot water line while they are also function as an air stove. The power range is 14kw, 18kw and 22kw and each stove has remote control and electronic panel board. The modern design with ceramic finishing makes them unique, while the available colors are red and beige.