The Company

The company MAVIL sa is one of the leading companies in heating equipment sector in Greece and its products cover a large range of industrial and household appliances. MAVIL sa is a manufacture company with main object the production of steel boilers and other heating equipment.

Who we are
The manufacture industry MAVIL s.a. was founded in 1994 in Serres city, in north Greece and is a member of a Group of five companies that consist one of the bigger heating equipment group of companies in Greece and have offices in Athens and Thessaloniki. MAVIL s.a. has private owned facilities in Serres at an area of 20.000sqm and is equipped with the most technologically advanced equipment.

The steel boilers that MAVIL s.a. produces covers all the power needs from 25kw to 1.750kw and are appropriate for every type of fuel like liquid, gas and solid fuels. The boilers of the company have been designed in cooperation with the National Technical University of Athens and have high efficiency degree of more than >92% and CE certificates. The yearly production ability of the company is about 5.000 boilers. In 1997 the company made a separate department for the production of plastic tanks from LLDPE that can be used for fuels storage but are also proper for water and other liquids. The industry can produce nine different types of plastic tanks with capacities from 250lt to 4000lt. The yearly production ability is about 12.000 plastic tanks. The recent years the company has included many other products in its production line like water fireplaces, pellet systems etc.

Our philosophy
MAVIL s.a. has as its first priority the production of high quality products that are above every international standard and aims at the fuel economy and the protection of the environment. The staff of the company is highly trained and experienced and follows the same principles.

MAVIL sa is certificated according to the quality management system EN ISO 9001:2000